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We have 4 minibuses based in different locations around Pembrokeshire. They have between 12 - 16 seats depending on the bus and room for up to two wheelchairs, if you take a couple of seats out. 

To hire a minibus the minimum hire charge is £25. (Over 20 miles it then costs a further £1.20 per mile). Bus-Y-Bobol is our largest bus and costs £30 per day (over 20 miles it then costs £1.40 per mile). 


To hire a minibus you need to become a member of PVT. For membership information please click HERE


To book a minibus please call our booking number on: 07494 275538 or email:

Meet the buses:


We have a number of accessible cars available to hire.  These are all VW Caddy vehicles adapted to take a wheelchair passenger and up to three other passengers.  They have a hoist to assist loading a suitable wheelchair.

The cars are available with a volunteer driver through the  Country Cars scheme administered by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS). Bookings for Country Cars can be made by email ( or phone (07585 997091).

Our cars are also available to PVT members for self-drive hire.  To hire an accessible car for the day (between 9am-5pm), the minimum hire charge is £20. (Over 20 miles it then costs a further £0.85 per mile).


Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport has teamed up with Transport for Wales and Pembrokeshire County Council to launch a new service in Northwest Pembrokeshire called fflecsi, designed to help people get out and about by bus.

Read more about our new service on our fflecsi page. 

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