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St Davids - Dial-A-Ride

The St Davids Dial-a-Ride service is now being covered by the new fflecsi buses, and works in the St Bride Zone on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It can take people into St Davids to CK's supermarket, Post Office, Pharmacy. It also takes people to the Day Centre in the Memorial Hall, Afternoon Club, Good Neighbours, Memory Cafe etc.

Do you have mobility difficulties?


The fflecsi service uses a wheelchair accessible minibus, with space for one wheelchair or Class 2 mobility scooter.  If you have mobility difficulties, which will make it difficult for you to get to the bus stop, we may be able to arrange to pick you up from outside your home.  Please call 0300 234 0300 for us to arrange a Door2Door assessment for you. Please note that extra time will be required to put these arrangements in place before you book your first journey.

TO BOOK CALL 0300 243 0300

Neyland Dial-A-Ride >

This service is for people who have difficulty accessing normal public transport for any reason.  They may live in a rural area and are unable to get to a bus stop, find it is unsafe to get where they want to be or have mobility issues.


It runs on a Tuesday between 9.30am - 4pm and takes people into Neyland. (this service is currently not running due to the current COVID19 situation, once it is up and running we will post more information). Should you require transport for essential trips please contact PACTO for alternative options. 

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